Title Holders
Bred and/or owned/co-owned by Eden
CH. Petersfield Indigo of Eden, CD
CH. Bertschire Mist Over Eden
CH. Sno-wing's Eden Anisette
CH. Mallard Bay Eden Lovestruck
CH. Sno-wing Sparks Will Fly
CH. Eden Once In A Blue Moon
CH. Eden London Fog Of Petersfield
CH. Eden Midnight Blues
CH. Eden Terra Blues
CH. Ambersand East Of Eden, CGC
Eden Indigo Blue Knight, CD
CH. Eden Rythm N' Blues
HR Eden Locomotion CDX, Can. CD, SH, WCX
CH. Eden Play With Fire
CH. Eden Brown Sugar of Hoppe, JH
CH. Eden Ruffian
CH. Eden Ruffwoods Genuine Risk, JH
CH. Eden Wild Blue Indigo
CH. Eden Wild Jetstream Bubbles, CD, JH, TDX, TDI, CGC, HOF
Eden Wild Longfellow CD
CH. Eden The Blues In A Major Key
CH. Eden Wildfire
CH. Eden Spitfire
CH. Eden Midnight Cinders
UKC-CH. Eden Mal'bay Fiery Lady Luv
.CH. Eden The Thunder Rolls
CH. Sno-wing's Tropical Fantasy, CD
CH. Eden Lightning Strikes
Am & Can. CH. Eden Deja Vu RA,CGC
Am & Can. CH Eden Hail N' High Water CD,RE,CGC
Am& Can.CH. Eden Smoke On The Water, RE, CGCTDI
Can. CH. Eden Kashmir
Am & Can. CH. Swallowsflight Coal Pureden,CD,RE,CGC
Am/Can. CH. Eden Double Dare, CD,RAE, NA,NAJ,NJP,NAP,BN,CGC
Am/Can.CH. Eden Double Espresso
Int/Am/Can. CH. Eden Snow Drift, CD, RE, CGC
Eden Mark Of Zorro, RN, CGC, TDI
Eden Snow Fleury, AX, AXJ, NF,RN,T2BP,NJPSJ-N,CGC
Am/Can. CH. Eden Snow Squall, RE, CD, CGC
Int/Am/Can. CH. Eden Superior Fog Warning, RE
Am. CH. Eden Double Mocha Latte' RN
Eden Prime Cut, RA
Am. GCH/Can CH. Eden Snow Bird's The Word
Am. CH. Eden Snow Bird's Valentine, CGC
Am. CH.  Eden Butterfly Kiss,RA,BN
Eden Sneachta Ge'  DS(MJ-N)NAP,NJP
Eden Snow Bird's Song,CD,BN RE, CGC
Eden Slick Trick, CGC
Am/Can. CH. Eden Hailz Belz,CD, RAE, BN,NJP,CGC
Am GCH&Can. CH. Eden Dare To Take A Chance, RE,BN,CD, CGC
Am CH. Eden Chance O' Eden Pooh, RA,OAP,NJP,NA,NAJ,Can.RN
MACH2/PACH Eden Chance Of A White Christmas MXB, MJS,OF,T2B
Am. & Can. CH. Rowansgaard Music Revisited, RE,BN, CGC
AmGCH &Can.  CH. Eden Gold Doubloon, CD, BN,RE,CGC
Am. GCH. Eden Wisp Of Smoke On The Water,CD, RE,BN,CGC
Am GCH & Can. CH. Eden The Tempest, RE,BN
Am GCH. Eden Summer Squall of Waterfield
Am GCH. CH. Eden Mistletoe RA, CGC
Am GCH Eden Maplecreek Butterfly
GCH/Can CH. Eden Speculation RN,Can.RN
Eden Follows The Star AX,MJB,XF
Eden Carol Of The Belz OA,OAJ, OF CGC
Eden Snow Bird's Chance CGC
AmGCH/Can. CH. Eden Chasing The Red Dragon RE,BN CGC
Am. GCH. Eden Phenomenon RN CGC
Eden Making Spirits Bright RN
Eden Northern Temptation CGC
Am. CH. Eden Tempting Fate At Southwinds SH,DS,WCX
Eden Cover Of The Rolling Stone AX,AXJ,L1V,L1E,NW1
Eden When The Stars Align OA,OAJ,DS
NASAR Eden Temperate Forest
Am. GCH/Can CH.  Eden Perseus
AmGCH/Can. CH. Eden Phoenix RN
Am GCH./Can. CH. Eden Tempestuous RN
Am/Can. Eden Simply Irresistible
CH. Eden Quest For Gold RE,CD,CGC
CH. Eden Black Hills Gold NW1,CGC
Am/Can. GCHS Eden Gold Rush RN
Eden Superstitious Dare Am/Can. RN
Eden Temptress Of The Sea BN,TKN,DS
GCH. Eden Leaping Red Dragon
CH. Eden The Gambler
CH. Eden A Matter Of Honor
 CH. Eden Wisp Of Smoke RA
Eden Whispering Blaque Mystery ACT 1
CH.  Eden Irish Temptation
GCH. Eden Readymade For The Big Time SH
GCH. CH. Eden Timeless
CH. Eden A Twist In The Tale
CH. Eden The Ice Maiden RN
Eden The Jumper DS, AS, HDN, CGC
CH. Eden Dragon Reign
Eden Long Arm Of The Law, NA,NAJ
CH. Eden Boxing Red Dragon, RN
CH. Eden Rushin' Red Dragon, RN
CH. Eden A Simple Twist Of Fate, RN
G CH. Eden Smokin'!, RN DCAT
CH. Eden Red Dragon's Gambit
CH. Eden Readymade For Victory JH
CH. Eden To Tell The Tail
CH. Eden Victorious Black Dragon
GCH. Eden Queen Tilly Du, of the Gamble
Eden Jackpot DN
Eden Double Down Gamble On Ze've RN
Eden Royal Flush RN
Eden Licorice Twist RN
CH. Eden Dragon's Perfect Ten RN
CH. Eden Caliente BCAT
CH. Tell Tail Bold Ruler (Labrador Retriever)
Can. CH. Eden Cher's Lady Samantha (Labrador Retriever)
CH. Ptarmigan Jolliebodies Whirr (Curly Coated Retriever-)
CH. Waterfield's Phaze Over Eden (Field Spaniel)