Int/AM/Can. CH. Eden Snow Drift, CD, RE, CGC
(Am&Can. CH. Eden Deja Vu,RA, CGC X Am&Can. CH. Eden Hail N' High Water, CD, RE,CGC)
"Vince" was my ugly duckling puppy from the "Toben" x "Beast" litter.  It seems that nobody wanted a liver boy, so as I had 16 years ago with his great-grandfather "Rufus", I held onto "Vince".  He was a kind, sensible boy who achieved his Rally Novice title at the tender age of 6 1/2 months and his first points the same weekend.  He earned his CGC at 8 Months.   He went on to obtain his Rally Advanced title at 13 1/2 months. He  finished his American Championship with three majors.  He finished his Canadian Championship from the BBE class at 17 1/2 months of age.   He finished his CD at 20 months of age. He finished his Rally Excellent title at 23 months.  A dog with lovely movement, dark coat and a melt your heart expression.  Always a willing worker, I had dreams of getting his CDX. His only litter is just over two years and includes two Champions one with agility legs and one RE.  Sadly we lost him after a three day battle to complications from Hemoragic Gastroenteritus.  He will be sorely missed.
Cardiac "Normal" OFA FR-CA133/17/M/P-PI
Patella "Normal" OFA FR-PA1105/17/M/P-PI
Elbows "Normal"  OFA FR-EL1346M24-PI
Hips "Good"  OFA  FR-4269G24M-PI
Eyes  CERF/gonioscopy(unaffected) 4/2008
Vince age 6.5 months