Eden \"Gamble\" Litter CH. Eden The Gambler Am/Can. CH Rowansgaard Music Revisited RE,BN Am/Can. CH. Stormwatch Edge Of The Cloud SH CH Vbos The Kentuckian BIS Crufts
CH Rowansgaard Wind During Rain CD,SH
Am/Can. CH.
Am/Can. CHRowansgaard Rosa Mundi BISS
Am/Can. CH. Rowansgaard Shirley Tradition
Can. CH Rowansgaard The Roadside Fire
AmGCH/Can.CH. Eden Dare To Take A Chance CD,BN,RAE,ACT 1 Am CH Flat-Tyre\'s Take A Chance On Me CDX,SH, HOF NU SU CH. Branchalwood Alancoll
Flat-Tyre\'s Pigs Can\'t Fly
Am/Can. CH Eden Double Dare CD,BN,RAE, NJP,NA,NAP,NAP Am/Can. CH. Eden Deja Vu RA,CGC
CH Eden Lightning Strikes
CH. Eden Dragon Reign GCHB 2xRBIS Heirborn Who\'ll Stop The Reign CH. Heirborn Arrowstar CH Dexmoor\'s Shoot The Moon CD,JH,UD,OA,
Am/Can. CH Heirborn\'s If Licks Could Kill
Stormwatch Kentucky Rain RWB 2012 National SH CH Vbos The Kentuckian BIS Crufts
CH Rowansgaard Wind During Rain, SH, CD
Am GCH/Can. CH. Eden Chasing The Red Dragon RE,BN GCHS Huntlover\'s Readymade From Denmark SU CH. Almanza Cruise Control
Huntlover\'s Brown Danish Joy
Am/Can. CH. Eden Hailz Belz CD,BN,RAE,NJP CH. Wynflat\'s All Out Rhyme Master MH,CDX,HOF
Am/Can. CH. Eden Double Dare CD,RAE,NA,NAP,NJP,NAJ
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